Escort Accelerate System®

Stop playing the game, WIN IT INSTEAD.

Case Study

Sonia increased their earnings 3.8 x with quality customers, without additional work or wasting time on WhatsApp, using our automated, personalized system.


Sonia spent most on her time dealing with ineffective agencies, posting her own offers, spending most time for conversations on WhatsApp, taking ineffective photos or videos that didn’t turn many into customers. She didn’t get return on her investment and wanting to solve these problems and earn much more. 

As a result Sonia was irritated, wasting time, not earning the right money she deserved, confused, blocking most on WhatsApp that contacted her and many more. She decided to reach out to us for help so would stop chasing clients, and we would use our system so clients are pre-qualified and come to her literally begging for 1 hour.

Sonia Problem

The missing link between you are your customer…

Why does every Escort need the Escort Accelerate System®?


Marketing is all about connecting the right message with the right audience at the right time using best strategies and technology.

And the end goal?

Driving profitable customer action that translates into the right MONEY.

How would it feel like to consistently make additional €30.000 a month?

This is only 5 additional clients a day (€100-200/h), 

That is additional €300.000 a “year” (10 months X €30.000)***


We don’t calculate if they take more than 1 hour, tips, their valuable testimonials we will get that will bring more clients, returning customers and many more.

We just calculate the worst case scenario of flat inbound/outbound rate at €100-200/h whereas potential for great work together is much more than €300.000 a year.


Life is about asking right questions

Ask yourself some questions now so you won’t regret it later.


Would that solve yours and your family or relative problems?

Where would you be in 1 year from now?


What will happen if you continue what you do … we have seen many escorts being stuck in the same thinking about money for 30 years


They were unable to invest as they never did…now they regret it forever, you cannot return the time, only regret what you have chosen, not what you have avoided all life.


Now it’s too late for them to monetize their look as they have lost it forever.


What if problems hit you or health or anyone you love, then it will be too late to think about making money, better to do it before it’s too late.


Money cannot buy you happiness, but can solve most of the biggest problems.


We have seen this happening in life over and over again…


Repetition of what is not working, leads to predictable failure…


Current Trend (what everyone is doing wrong – everyone says they can do it on their own…and how does it work for them…?)


You cannot be doing the same thing and expect different results…


Escorts are far away from the market in which a simple photo, video or phone number was sufficient to get someone to call you and book an appointment with you. 


These times are GONE, it was 15 years ago…


All lack of innovation….



There are many problems arising from doing wrong marketing, namely wrong clients will come to you if any.


Many escorts created videos, but cannot sell them well in minimum dozens sales a day in result losing money, time and life with it.


Many have branded websites that nobody visits and it does not serve and business value which is also losing money.


Many send incorrect text or image templates not encouraging customers to BUY by sending packages and other information that customers don’t want to see at the beginning.



All those sending these messages were sick of clients sending questions about prices. Escorts do more of what was not working…and even did worse by automating it with WhatsApp business…


If you automate what is not working, it WILL NOT WORK BUT AUTOMATICALLY.


When someone asks you about the price, means they compare you to another 500 escorts not understanding WHY THEY WOULD PAY YOU EVEN €80…


Why does nobody ask for the price of this watch for only 55 million dollars?


Just a watch…


Just a car that does not need introduction.

Yet unable to be compared, the market does try to compare its engine parameters but look at the face of the customer and check their heart rate when they see one…

They don’t compare it to anything else…

How escorts compare…?

All these images are comparable… Being on this platform looking the same, you have just created a problem that is repeated everywhere. Better pictures you can find on Instagram for the last 5 years… Man does not get excited about it any more.

Here is the same….