What does a comprehensive marketing agency do?

A comprehensive marketing agency aims to build a specific, desired image of the entire company, a single product or service from A to Z thanks to various activities in areas such as promotion, public relations, web developing, SEM, graphic design, multimedia, content marketing and media service social networks. It has the right tools and has sufficient resources to fully take care of your business from the marketing side.

The undoubted advantage of a comprehensive marketing agency is that if you want to use its services, you don’t have to have a ready project or even a plan in your mind. All you have to do is present your expectations and priorities, and a team of specialists will develop the right strategy and propose the best solutions for your business.

Comprehensive marketing agency – synergy of forces


The foundation of the full service agency are experts from various fields, creating one harmonious and well-functioning body. Developers and webmasters will build a fully functional website or online store, tailored to your company’s business profile and the latest standards with which they are up to date. On the other hand, a team of graphic designers will take care of the brand’s visual identity: will develop a logo, take photos, design materials such as leaflets, business cards or gadgets, ensuring that everything is consistent and consistent with the organization’s guiding idea. In turn, experts from the promotion will prepare an advertising strategy: they will come up with an accurate slogan, choose appropriate communication channels and develop neat content for the website.

A genuine marketing agency should also have an SEO / SEM specialist on board, i.e. search engine activities. It will take care of your website’s positioning and Google AdWords advertising. Let’s not forget about such important social media today – each full service agency has in its team a man who knows them inside out and is able to skillfully use them for the purposes of effective promotion.

Remember that if your company has image problems – its reception in the public eye is not satisfactory – then you can also use the services of a marketing agency. She should have in her ranks a public relations expert who will ensure the best possible contacts between the organization and its environment.

When is the help of a marketing agency necessary?

If you spend most of your working time developing marketing plans for your business rather than focusing on its core business, it’s a sign that you need the support of a marketing agency. Of course, you can always use only part of its services, depending on what your organization needs most. It can only be a website, a new logo or a simple promotional concept aimed at reviving sales or refreshing the brand image.

However, if you run a large company or are just starting out with your own business, you may want to consider working more closely with a full service marketing agency. It will be a comfortable solution because everything you need will be done in one place and by one team. With the same people you will plan a long-term advertising strategy, discuss visual identification or analyze website design. In addition, you’ll be guaranteed that all these activities will be the result of one precise concept, which will translate into their consistency, which is extremely important in promotional communication.

Remember that marketing is dynamic: something that worked well yesterday may not be effective today. Trends, tastes and needs of consumers are changing, fresh methods and ideas for advertising appear … Tracking news and analyzing promotional tools is the responsibility of every comprehensive marketing agency. Therefore, it is worth entrusting this plot to experts and focus on what constitutes the essence of your business.

So if you are just starting your own business or your company needs a change, a new image or just fresh ideas – we are ready to support you! We create websites and e-commerce stores, design a logo and complete visual identity of the brand. In addition, we deal with website positioning and content marketing activities: we run company blogs, edit product descriptions, guides, industry articles and all engaging content on the website. You will also find professional help in areas such as social media, AdWords advertising, internal communication, photography and multimedia.

Take advantage of our offer – we drive positively!